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Big Changes For The 2022-2023 School Year!

2022 has become a year of big changes for my family and I. We’ve moved to the Netherlands for the 2022-2023 school year. This decision wasn’t made lightly and of course it has huge implications for my students now and in the near future as I won't be able to do 1on1 lessons during this time. We miss Nelson and our community immensely and I hope to return to Nelson to continue providing music lessons and enjoy the Kootenays and all it has to offer.

Wishing you a wonderful and musical school year!

André van Berlo, Music Instructor

Interested in taking ukulele or guitar lessons and finally learn to play?  Contact me today!

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Clueless? Let me help you reach your goals!

In-Person Lessons or Online Instruction?

I do both!

Zoom Guitar Lessons Nelson BC

Guitar Lessons Via Zoom Or Skype Are Great!

At the moment I teach in-person lessons as well as online lessons via zoom or skype. Even though in person lessons are preferred by most, guitar lessons via zoom or Skype work great too! In fact, for years I've been teaching online and I do it very well and organised! Try it for yourself and find out!

Some Of Your Options

Private Lessons

A big advantage of a private lesson is a more personalized approach and lesson pace which can be great for motivation and self esteem. These lessons also provide the focus needed to develop individual skills on the instrument.

Classes & Group Lessons

Learning in a group can be extremely fun and powerful. Students love to connect with each other, and quickly realize that everyone has their challenges on the instrument. Seeing your classmates play and improve is super motivating!

Summer Camps & Workshops

Camps and workshops come in many shapes and forms. The great thing about a camp is that for a short period you are immersed in a musical experience. You can sometimes jump up a level in a single week that would otherwise have taken months.

Student testimonials

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Andre has been teaching our daughter to play the ukulele since 4 months, and she really likes it a lot. She enjoys going to the weekly classes, and makes slow but steady progress. The main thing is she has fun making music.

Ja La December 29, 2021

André is a highly skilled instructor and master guitarist. I really appreciate how he has focused on lesson plans that hone my skills and challenge my abilities. He is accomplished in being able to play a multitude of different types of music. This makes it much easier to try new things in different styles. I was quite surprised to see that he was actually taking notes on my progress. The fact that he will at times record a particular exercise or section of a piece of music we are working on is also extremely helpful. I enjoy his enthusiasm, insight, and great sense of humor. Very happy to have him as a guide on my musical journey!

Jerrold Thompson December 29, 2021

My son Miguel is 11 years old. He started studying guitar with Andre and is loving it. Andre has a sweet, firm way that encourages students. Miguel loves going to classes and practices guitar at home every day, I see this as a reflection of Andre's method, as well as his personality as a teacher. I recommend him to everyone who might want guitar classes, I bet that the experience will be amazing!


Andre has been teaching an online lesson to my 10 year old Jaxen for a few months. It is going wonderfully! With so much patience and care, Andre inquires into each students musical taste and preferences to find a pathway that will foster their love for the instrument. Jaxen has been having fun and practicing every day. Andre is very professional and prompt, and an excellent communicator. Would highly recommend 🙂

Kelly Pippin December 21, 2021

I have been taking guitar lessons with Andre on and off for quite a while now and I have nothing but good things to say. Andre is a patient, talented, warm teacher who carefully and consistently takes the time to make sure I am understanding the materal . I leave every lesson feeling inspired, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their guitar playing at any level.

Aysia Loeppky December 18, 2021

Andre is a great guitar instructor. Every lesson is fun and interesting and makes me want to come back for more. Always in good humour, Andre knows how to get the best from me and from our time in each lesson. I am looking forward to renewing my lessons for the second half of this season and can unconditionally recommend Andre.

Ernest Salmon December 17, 2021
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What I Offer

Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Over the past 27 years I have studied both Electric, Steel String, and Classical guitar. Whatever your instrument of choice and playing style is, I will assist and guide you on your journey.  

Personalized Approach

No-one is the same. In my lessons I have a student focused approach which means I ask a lot of questions about your goals and your ideas about music. The lessons are then tailored to those goals without losing sight of your progress and development on the instrument. 

Online Support Videos

Both online learning and in-person lessons have their strengths and weaknesses. I provide both to get the best of both worlds in one convenient and powerful package.

Coaching & Mentorship

We are all human and many of our insecurities can surface during a lesson or during practice. I have had a special interest in guiding and improving students in a way that their mind doesn’t come between their heart and their music.

Bachelor & Master Degree

In 2003 I graduated for my Bachelors degree in Music. In 2005 I graduated  for my Masters Degree at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands.

25+ Years Experience

Private lessons (kids & adults), group lessons (kids & adults), classes (College), band coaching, music events, workshops, summer camps, etc.

Ukulele & Bass

Next to guitar I also offer ukulele & bass lessons. I use a similar approach for these instruments and for ukulele there are also online support courses and videos available.

Some of the things I play & teach...

Followed by 123.000 on YouTube

Next to being a private guitar instructor and a Selkirk instructor, I have also in the past 10 years created over 900 videos for YouTube and Vimeo. Those videos have generated over 21 million views!

Andre van Berlo Guitar Instructor Nelson BC

My Story

Starting at the age of 16 or 17 meant that most of my guitar playing friends were way ahead of me. From the start I was extremely motivated and methodical in my approach to the guitar. I would visit anyone who knew something I didn’t, observe them do it, and then go home and figure it out. Soon I started looking for other challenges. 4 years after playing my first chord I started my study at the Conservatory of Hilversum (now located in Amsterdam).

To say I tried to make up for lost time would be an understatement. I had an incredible hunger for knowledge and I was writing all my own exercises to practice all of it…


Places I Worked

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