A new kind of music class is coming, but I need your help!

At the start of the pandemic I did 10 weeks of free guitar and ukulele classes for kids (and grown ups) for which many had signed up. However I’ve heard from some parents that they have a hard time supporting their child(ren). What to practice, when, how long, and tackling unwillingness to practice.

Now I am working on a new course that gives clarity for the parent on all these things and much more, while at the same time providing all the essential tools for the student. So instead of just focusing on the lesson content (like most courses do), this course looks at all the important aspects of learning to give a super fun and successful learning experience.

New guitar course for parent and child

To make sure I’m solving the most important problems I would love to hear about your experience as a parent with a child learning music. You’d be doing me a huge favour if I could ask you a few questions about this. As a token of my appreciation I am offering you a 40% discount on the course once it goes online.


Why I started this project…

2 Years ago my daughter started learning the violin. “Great” is what I thought. However, I was about to experience for the first time the struggle of being a parent with a kid learning an instrument I know nothing about. Oh boy, that was an eye opener for me! (I wrote a little piece about it here)

It made me realise how hard it must be for some of you to know:

  • what to practice
  • when to practice
  • how to set up a practice routine
  • if, where, and how to help your child during practice
  • etc etc
coaching your child in music is a delicate but beautiful thing

With my daughter I’ve tried, failed, tried again, failed some more. Over time we learned what makes it work. I did a lot of reading on learning behaviour, how to build new habits, how to get rid of the bad habits, etc. There’s no shortcut to learning music, but we also don’t have to take the tourist route to learning a new skill. With your help I can finish up my course and create something that is great for student and parent.

With gratitude,


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