Minor Pentatonic Scale, First Steps To Improvising Guitar Solos

The minor pentatonic scale is possibly the most used, maybe even OVERused, scale on the guitar. But this is with good reason. The first scale shape is easy to memorize and sounds awesome over just about anything! It is used in practically all pop, rock, and blues solos so if your goal is to learn to play lead guitar, learning it is a must…

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Today I released a video on my youtube channel that introduces you to the first scale shape for minor pentatonic. The video also talks about the intervals that make up this 5 tone scale. For most of you, that information isn’t necessary. I added it as I will refer to it in future videos but if you’re just starting out, just skip it! 🙂

When tackling this new scale, take it slow and try to use the same fingering I use in the video,



Scale Overview

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